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Mr. Subramanyam Journey with us in getting knowledge and Job with Good Salary.
He was Qualified for the Degree Bachelor of commerce, firstly he didn't have lack of knowledge then he joined as Marketing Executive and continued the job for 10 Years. In his 10 Years career he has no satisfaction , as well as growth in his job . At the same time everyone underestimated him like you're not fit for this , you can't do this. Later he decided to change his career path. Then he Googled our site for Accounting Knowledge and came for us to join our institute and to Train well. After that he learned a lot of Practical Knowledge.

After his completion of course for his qualifications he got a job for the first Interview only as Accountant in Sanghvi Car Shoppe at M.G Road, Vijayawada.
For the first 3 months he got a 15000 salary. The next 4th month with his skills and practical knowledge his salary was increased to 18000.
At Present he is very satisfied and happy with his job. Whenever he calls us he won't reject the call without saying a Thanking note for us.

"Congratulations Mr. Subramanyam for everything u had achieved ."
You can also get this type of job in a very short period with our Training. Come join us and set your career goals.

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The curriculum at STEPWAY TRAININGS emphasizes both industry requirements and our students’ intellectual growth and personal development. We believe that the joy of discovery and learning is best experienced with the thoughtful guidance of a skilled mentor or teacher. Have a look at the classes being offered now at STEPWAY TRAININGS.


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