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Hi, Accountant! 

"As an accountant, having knowledge of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is very important. It might seem like a small concept, but finding the right source to learn it practically can be challenging. Now, STEPWAY TRAININGS Institute offers a fantastic opportunity to learn TDS from the very basics to advanced levels without Fees, 100% Free Training.

At STEPWAY TRAININGS, you can learn everything about TDS, starting with how to deduct TDS properly and TDS Accounting in Tally Prime. You'll also discover how to pay TDS Challan accurately and how to file TDS Returns. Moreover, you'll gain insights into generating and downloading Form 16, an essential document related to TDS.

With STEPWAY TRAININGS, understanding TDS becomes easy and accessible, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills you need as an accountant."

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100% Free Training | Never & Ever Get This Opportunity to Learn

Why do many Accountants not have TDS Skills?

As per our research from Interviewers, Many accountants tells

  1. Our previous organization didn't allocate TDS work to me.

  2. This audit team worked on it, so I didn't gain any experience in it.

  3. This work can only be done by a CA, so we didn't learn it.

  4. We didn't have access to a proper source for practical learning.

  5. Maybe it's not essential for accountants, but many are asking for GST and Tally skills.

All senior accountants are well aware of the importance of TDS knowledge. It plays a vital role in enhancing both salary and job responsibilities, making it an essential aspect for every organization. Management allocates the TDS-related tasks to a CA only when the accountant is unable to complete the job, as it requires specialized expertise. Therefore, we strongly urge every accountant to learn TDS Perfectly and execute it Perfectly.

Course Content

TDS Baiscs:

  • What is Tax Deduction at Source?

  • Types of Income Tax Payments & Explanation

  • Why TDS Necessary to Deduct & In Depth Explanation of Necessity (Example-1 In Case of Salaries)

  • Why TDS Necessary to Deduct & In Depth Explanation of Necessity (Example-2 In Case of Non-Salaries)

  • Why TDS Necessary to Deduct & In Depth Explanation of Necessity (Example-3 In Case of Non-Salaries)

TDS Provisions:

  • TDS Provisions Explanation

  • Explanation of Important Provision Sec 192 (Salaries)

  • Explanation of Important Provisions from 194B To 194J (Non-Salaries)

  • TDS Deduction Process in Case of Salaries

  • TDS Deduction Process in Case of Non-Salaries

  • Special TDS Provisions Explanation (194Q)

TDS Accounting

  • TDS Accounting Entries (General View)

TDS in Tally

  • Enable TDS In Tally Prime

  • Create Nature of TDS Provisions

  • Create Service / Expenses Ledger

  • Create Party / Deductee Ledger

  • Create TDS Ledger

  • TDS Deduction Accounting Entry in Tally

  • Create Autofill Challan from Tally in Single Click

  • Challan Reconciliation in Tally

Challan Payment

  • TDS Challan Payment Process Online

TAN Registration

  • TAN Registration Process (Old Class is Good)

TDS Returns

  • What is TDS Returns?

  • What are forms are there?

  • What are required information to file TDS Forms for 24Q & 26Q

  • Due dates

  • Late Fees, Interest & Penalties in case of failure to file TDS

  • Step by Step Procedure to file TDS Returns explanation Through Official Tools / Private Software

  • TDS Form 24Q Filing Process Through Official Tools

  • TDS Form 26Q Filing Process Through Official Tools

  • TDS Form 24Q Filing Process Through Private Software

  • TDS Form 26Q Filing Process Through Private Software

  • How to Generate TDS Returns File from Tally

TDS Works on Real Time Basis

  • How to apply Provisions in Real Time Work situation?

  • How to do TDS Works in Tally on Real Time Work scenario?

  • Challan Payment and Generate Challan on Real Time scenario?

  • How to Register Traces & Income Tax portal?

  • How to download CSI File?

  • TDS Returns Forms filling until completion of Returns filing on real time basis

  • What is Form 27A? & How to Get Token Receipt Number

TDS Certificate

  • What is Form 16? How to Generate & Download Form 16?

  • What is Form 16A? How to Generate & Download Form 16A?

  • What is Form 26AS? & How To Download?

General Topic

  • If Challan Details missed Then How to we Can get ? Process

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